Swiss Personal Bank Account


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  • Benefits  Transperency – Best Services
  • Strong Swiss banking secrecy
  • Reliable major financial institution
  • 24/7 Internet banking and payments
  • NO background check
  • VISA and MasterCard Gold credit cards
  • Send -/receive funds by international wire
  • IBAN and SWIFT -/BIC payments
  • NO personal visit to Switzerland required
  • Multicurrency account management
  • Approval guaranteed!

Security and privacy for your money. Switzerland has the highest level of banking secrecy and stability in the world. A Swiss bank can also offer VISA and MasterCard Gold credit cards. These cards are issued without requiring a credit check or references. The account allows powerful Internet banking.

Account opening by mail
Quick and easy ! Save time and money

The bank account can be opened by mail or correspondence.

Documents required
Really easy opening !

You can choose one of the following documents to apply to your account:

A legalized or notarized copy of your:

Identity Card
Drivers License

About the bank
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Reliable and cooperative financial institution in Switzerland

Account language
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Our Guarantee
No restrictions – Money back !

For any reasons the bank denies your account application, our firm will refund the service fee you have paid for. Just if you decide to cancel your account opening after you have ordered our service the refund will be excluded!